In the morning of 23 May 2010, the Tolga commune unveiled the sculpture “Charcoal man leading his horse”  by the sculptor Oyvin Storbaekken in beautiful weather in a sculpture park. Mr. Erling Aaseng, the Mayor of Tolga municipality and Mr.Tung, the first secretary of the Vietnam’s Embassy to Norway participated as honoured guests together with about 150 people in Tolga.


Tolga Mayor announced the unveiling of the sculpture Overview of the sculpture park


The sculpture represents the memory of the golden age of the melting copper industry in the period 1640-1950. The 6m - long, 2m - high sculpture was carved in black granite by the skilled carvers of the Danang Sculpture Foundation  in Vietnam. Again, the Norwegian people can witness and admire the talent of sculpturing of Vietnamese carvers. (The Vietnam’s Embassy just also inaugurated on 15 June 2010 in Oslo to promote the bilateral friendship and cooperation between the two countries).


Sculptor Oyvin Storbaekken (middle) with Mr. Erling Aaseng, Tolga Mayor (left) and Mr. Tung, the First Secretary of Vietnam’s Embassy to Norway

From a sponge sketch, the clay model and then the plaster one made by the sculptor Oyvin Storbaekken, the carvers of the Danang Sculpture Foundation started to carve the sculpture in black granite with a total dimension of 675 x 125 x 210 cm from three big blocks in April 2009. The work was finished at the end of June 2009 and then shipped to Tolga right after that. Followings are some pictures of this project:

Sponge sketch

Clay and plaster model


Finishing in Danang, Vietnam

675 x 125 x 210 cm