Danang Sculpture Foundation - Crafting Beauty with Passion and Precision

Welcome to the Danang Sculpture Foundation – a reputed sculpture studio in the Vietnam’s most renowned stone carving heritage for over 300 years, the Marble Mountains. Under the guidance of masters with multi-generational expertise, our artists breathe life into marble and granite through meticulous techniques, infusing each work with cultural inspiration and emotional resonance.

Whether classical figurines to elevate interior ambiance or conceptual fountains to energize outdoor spaces, DSF sculpts sophistication. Each piece receives meticulous, hand-finished attention to detail, hardened to withstand centuries of admiration.

More than structural embellishments, our sculptures stir souls. Subtle strokes convey profound philosophies, from fleeting moments to eternal bonds. DSF gift catalogs the human experience through stone. Custom commissions also welcome – our masters excel at interpreting individual tastes with masterful nuance.

DSF now exports internationally. Visit our studio to discover beautiful sculptures and discuss bespoke projects with resident experts. Let inspiration ignited by the Danang horizon guide your next residential or corporate artwork – we bring the outdoors in.

Contact DSF to commission high-class sculptures with limitless creativity!


Main products:

- Stone sculptures of any styles: art sculptures, modern sculptures, classic sculptures, garden sculptures, ancient sculptures, figure statues, religious sculptures (Buddhist and Catholic), animal statues, portraits, reliefs, etc.
- Stone products: Fountains, fireplace mantels, flower pots, lamps, benches, tables, bathtubs, sinks, columns, balusters, pedestals, gazebos, tombstones, and so on.

Main service:

- Customized production for each customer or project based on customers' request, designs, pictures or models
- Producing and receiving commission of stone sculptures, stone products for architectural and landscaping projects, indoor and outdoor decoration
- Providing workshop, equipment, materials, facilities, labour assistance, as well as logistical services and local lodging for sculptors and artists all over the world.
- Organizing and executing sculpture camps and symposium



Danang Sculpture Foundation


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