As a non – profit foundation operating for the development of sculpturing in Danang, a reputed stone carving center, a meeting place between Vietnamese local carvers and professional sculptors, artists and art lovers all over the world since 2003, Danang Sculpture Foundation is offering a completely fresh and exciting tour called “One – two days as a sculptor” for amateurs and art lovers to experience themselves the work of a real sculptor.

We are located in an area with over 3 centuries of history of stone carving - the Marble Mountain village, nearby a beautiful sunny beach with peaceful countryside life in Danang in Central Vietnam.  While you are visiting the Marble Mountains area for sightseeing, why don’t you spend some more time to explore not only the natural scene but also the art, the culture and daily life of the local people of Danang with our tour “One – two days as a sculptor”?

Stone carving requires specialized skills and needs years to learn. But within one or two days working with us, you can gain a brief overview of the stone carving industry of Danang, and an overview of how a stone sculpture is made and participate in a practical session on clay modeling, plaster casting and even stone carving.

Starting with clay, you will create your own model in clay in any simple shapes you like. Then you can choose to develop your clay model in plaster or in stone with simple hand tools. Our skilled carvers will always be by your side to instruct and assist you during your work.

You can bring your own statues home with much joy and happiness after a hard working day!

No matter how you model your own statue, you will enjoy and be proud of your work at the end of the tour and wish you had more time and will come back soon!

Our tours are open throughout the year from Monday – Friday (except holidays) for groups ranging from 5 – 25 people each time.

Call us at ++84 236 3968120 or e-mail us at to register.


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