"Let us make a custom piece of art for you! In this world of mass production, it is a great pleasure to own unique fine art sculpture."

Come to Danang Sculpture Foundation to find high quality stone sculptures and stone products with customized designs!

Surrounded by the stunning limestone outcrops of the historic Marble Mountains in Central Vietnam, with 15 years of business, the Danang Sculpture Foundation is specialized in stone sculptures of various kinds from religious sculptures, art sculptures, garden sculptures to ancient sculptures and stone products for home decoration, architectural and landscaping projects, monuments, parks and gardens.

With a team of carvers skillful at modern techniques of sculpture carving, we can offer a diversity of sculptures and stone products tailored to your requirements in various types of stones such as marble, granite, basalt, sandstone, onyx, etc. in different sizes.

Main products:

- Stone sculptures of various styles: religious sculptures (Buddhist and Catholic), ancient sculptures, art sculptures, modern sculptures, garden sculptures, figure statues,  animal statues, portraits, reliefs, etc.

- Stone products: Fountains, fireplace mantels, flower pots, lamps, benches, tables, bathtubs, sinks, columns, balusters, pedestals, gazebos, tombstones, and so on.

Main service:

- Customized production for each customer or project based on customers' request, designs, pictures or models
- Producing and receiving commission of stone sculptures, stone products for architectural and landscaping projects, indoor and outdoor decoration
- Providing workshop, equipment, materials, facilities, labour assistance, as well as logistical services and local lodging for sculptors and artists all over the world.
- Organizing and executing sculpture camps and symposium